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Program Search Information

Search for Columbus State affiliated study abroad programs by selecting the "Program" option at the top left side of this page if on a computer.

Things to Consider

When looking for a program, it is important to keep in mind your geographic, language and cultural interests, as well as your academic interests and personal goals. Not all programs are right for everyone, so think about what kind of program would best suit your needs. This decision depends on your comfort level and own expectations for studying abroad. Check out our Study Abroad Brochure for generic program information.

The questions below can help you narrow your search:

  •     How long do you want to go abroad?
  •     When would you like to go abroad (J-term, Spring Break, Maymester, Summer, Semester or Academic Year)?
  •     What do you hope to accomplish while abroad?
  •     Do you want to fulfill major course requirements or take core curriculum courses?
  •     Do you want to improve or learn a foreign language?
  •     Do you want to live with a host family, stay in a dorm equivalent or hotels?
  •     Do you want to stay in a big city or a smaller town?
  •     Do you want to incorporate an internship or service learning opportunity into your experience?

List of Non-affiliated Programs

So you have searched thoroughly through Columbus State affiliated programs, but you cannot find a program that exactly matches your interest. There are hundreds of study abroad programs available--some may be available as a transient student through another nearby university, and some may be through a third party study abroad program provider. These may be great options, but its important to know that your financial aid may not follow you (as it would on most CSU affiliated programs) and course transfers may involve a couple more steps. Only you can decide which program is the right fit for you!

CSU has partnered with CISabroad for students interested in locations or majors not usually offered by the Center for Global Engagement. Check out their website to learn more!