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Identity Abroad


Columbus State University's study abroad students reflect the diversity of students attending CSU. As such, the Center for Global Engagement recognizes that students often self-identify in many different ways and choose which facets of themselves to share (or not to share) while studying abroad. You may also find that how you self-identify is not how you are identified abroad. We’ve collected some links to resources below for students seeking support. Please feel free to drop by our office in Schuster 118 to speak with someone to discuss any concerns you may have prior to studying abroad.

If you would like to share a story or resource with the Study Abroad Office that you think would help other students, please email us at!

General Resources

Diversity Abroad
Diversity Programs & Services at CSU
Unpacked: A Study Abroad Guide for Students Like Me
Diversity Issues in Study Abroad - Brown University
AllAbroad - Diversity Abroad Issues
Diversity and Inclusion Abroad Guides

Resources for Students of Color

PLATO (Project for Learning Abroad, Training & Outreach) Diversity Abroad Guide
Encountering Racism in Europe
9 Truths for Black Students Traveling Abroad
On Studying Abroad as a Person of Color: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear
Study Abroad Matters: Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to Study Abroad
Encounters of Another Color

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Mobility International USA
Center for Accommodation & Access at CSU
Studying in the U.K. as a Disabled Student

The Center for Global Engagement in consultation with the CAA), is committed to promoting equal education opportunities and providing a welcoming academic, physical and social environment for students with disabilities at CSU and abroad. The CGE is committed to working with students to find the right program based on individual student interests and needs, while at the same time maintaining confidentiality. As students are narrowing down their program options, they should take into consideration academics, housing, and access to health care and transportation, among others. If you are a student that meets or requires these resources and/or assistance, please contact the Center for Accommodation & Access to assist with consultation and support with the CGE.

Resources for LGBTQ Students

Sexual Orientation Laws in the World’s Know Your Rights: Airport Security
U.S. State Department’s LGBTI Travel Info
LGBTQ+ Students Abroad

Resources for Students with Mental Illness

Traveling Abroad with Mental Illness
Ups and Downs of International Travel