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Global Ambassadors

2018- 2019 CSU Global Ambassadors

Meet the Columbus State Global Ambassadors. These students were chosen to share their study abroad experiences across campus. If you are interested in a program, or just want to talk with a student who has gone through the process of studying abroad, they are happy to assist you! Stop by during their walk-in advising hours at the Center for Global Engagement on main campus, or send them an email.

Interested in becoming a Global Ambassador? Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for more details. 
Interested in the International Studies Certificate? Contact the ISC Ambassadors for more details.

Fall 2018

Name: Janyah Jefferson
CSU Email:
Areas of study: Middle Grades Education Concentration in English/Social Studies
Year/Classification: Senior
Countries visited (including non-study abroad): Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Canada, and Liechtenstein.
Study Abroad Program Name & Term: CSU in Florence, Italy a Maymester
Favorite study abroad memory: Exploring Italy with my classmates/best friends
Favorite travel or internationally themed quote: “Life is short and the World is wide”
Best advice to your classmate who wants to study abroad: Take all of the chances you can. Not everyone has the opportunity to study abroad. If you see the opportunity take it!‚Äč
Name: Brandon “Isaac” Morales
 CSU Email:
 Areas of study: Computer Science
 Year/Classification: Senior
Countries visited (including non-study abroad): Costa Rica, Bahamas, Japan
Study Abroad Program Name & Term: Technology in Japan, Maymester
 Favorite study abroad memory: Going into Akihabara for the first time
Favorite travel or internationally themed quote: Me: “I want to travel more” My bank account: “Like to the park?”.
Best advice to your classmate who wants to study abroad: Save now and go early

Name: Autumn Wilson
CSU Email:
Areas of study: Finance
Year/Classification: Senior
Countries visited (including non-study abroad): Spain
Study Abroad Program Name & Term: Business in Spain (Maymester)
Favorite study abroad memory: Eating with the local families
Favorite travel or internationally themed quote: “Not all those who wander are lost”
Best advice to your classmate who wants to study abroad: It is worth it to go ahead and do it now when extra help is still available and traveling is still easy. 

Name: Terence Walker
CSU Email:
Areas of study: Political Science
Year/Classification: Sophomore
Countries visited (including non-study abroad): Canada and Cuba
Study Abroad Program Name & Term: CSU in Cuba - Spring 2018
Favorite study abroad memory: Riding in the fast, classic cards along the Malecon. 
Favorite travel or internationally themed quote: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - Augustine of Hippo
Best advice to your classmate who wants to study abroad:  Once you make your decision, the universe conspires to make it a reality.

International Studies Certificate Ambassador

Name: Thomas Wingate         
CSU Email:
Major: Double Major in Computer Science and Spanish
Year/Classification: Senior
Reason for pursuing the International Studies Certificate: My reason for pursuing the ISC is because although I am studying a foreign language and have studied abroad, I still need to develop further cross-cultural knowledge so that I can reach my ultimate goal in starting my global business. After completing my undergraduate degrees, I plan to get my International MBA and set out to create a cybersecurity software consulting agency, so understanding other cultures outside of what I’ve studied will assist me in the process.
Countries visited (including non-study abroad): Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala
Favorite study abroad memory: My favorite study abroad memory is trying all of the new and different foods. I’ve always said: if you don’t travel to study, at least do it for the food!
Favorite travel or internationally themed quote: “I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” – Caskie Stinnett
Best advice to a classmate who wants to pursue the ISC and study abroad: My best advice is that since the world is becoming more globalized, it will pay off (literally) to pursue the ISC and study abroad. Only one extra class is required, so it’s not a ton of extra work to obtain a certificate that will give you a competitive edge in the global market. It doesn’t matter what your major is; you will always encounter someone from a different culture than yours.